Activated Amino Acids

Catalog # Description of the Product
AA1700 t-BOC-Val-NHS
AA1701 t-BOC-Val-Ala-NHS
AA1702 t-BOC-Val-Asp(OMe)-NHS
AA1703 Aspartic acid-Hydrochloride
AA1704 Aspartic(OMe) acid
AA1705 N-Ac-Aspartic acid
AA1706 N-Ac-Aspartic acid 4-methyl ester
AA1707 N-Ac-Asp-NHS 4-methyl ester
AA1708 N-Ac-L-Glutamic acid 5-methyl ester
AA1709 N-Ac-L-Glutamic acid 5-methyl ester
AA1710 N-Ac-L-Glu-NHS 5-methyl ester
AA1711 N-Ac-Asp(Ome)-Glu(OMe)-Val-Asp(OMe)COOH
AA1712 N-Ac-Asp(Ome)-Glu(OMe)-Val-Asp(OMe) NHS